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History, Philosophy & Purpose

The HYMC was founded in 2021 by a small group of industry leading superyacht Captains.


HYMC was established on the belief that collaboration, mutual respect, and leading by example are the cornerstones of professional excellence.

Our Values are: Honesty & Integrity Humility Respect & Helping Others Leading by Example Philotimia Open Communication Professionalism Excellence Family Fun

Our Goals:

Our goals are to provide yacht masters with collaboration, training, and networking opportunities to help them succeed at their role. We also aim to preserve the maritime traditions and heritage while respecting the marine environment, oceans, and coasts. Additionally, we strive to develop action plans that address climate change and the environmental crisis.

Our Actions:

We have set a goal to foster mutual respect and advance our pursuit of professional excellence by setting an example. To achieve this, we seek to motivate and engage all members of our club, as well as create opportunities for proactive initiatives and collaboration with our partners and allies.

Every opinion counts At the meetings, all the Club members will bring forward novel and progressive ideas that will set new objectives for the Club and further promote our current agenda. Everyone will then put forth their best efforts to turn these ideas into tangible actions. They will also use their flexibility to adjust to the ever-evolving environment and make sure that the Club's long-term initiatives remain successful.

All paths lead to the same goal: to convey to others what we are “ -Pablo Neruda-

Proof of an idea. The collective goodwill and altruism of all the members of the club will be the source of strength and inspiration to show that even the smallest of ideas can have far-reaching implications for the world of yachting. Drawing on their collective expertise, influence, and power, they will work together to make a lasting, positive impact on the industry.

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Trust The Core

HYM Club has a fast-growing core with the key aim to leverage the collective experience of our members to positively impact the yachting industry. Every Club member was hand-selected due to his excellent character, his important career and the wider recognition of his professional achievements.

Members Of The Board

Captain Dimitris Maroulis image
Captain Dimitris Maroulis mobile image

Captain Dimitris Maroulis

Captain Dimitris Maroulis started his carrier at sea very young and went up all the steps really fast showing his passion to Master every category of it at the highest level. He was a proud Master Mariner on board merchant ships, passenger ships, and luxury yachts. Later and until now he is using all this worldwide overall knowledge from a top yacht management position. Awarded two times for his job shows the broad recognition of his achievements.

His selfless love and respect for the Captain’s role made him create this Club.

Capt. D. Maroulis being President of the Club is the best ambassador around the world for what the Club represents and while he is leading by example, he curries all the energy and the momentum that the club needs!

Captain Emmanouil Klimataras image
Captain Emmanouil Klimataras mobile image
Vice President

Captain Emmanouil Klimataras

Born in Piraeus in 1976, Captain Klimataras started his career at sea over 30 years ago. His seaman’s life has been full of challenges and obstacles, that have turned into valuable experiences making him stronger and more resourceful over time. The most important moment of his career was in 2003 when he started a new “journey” onboard mega yachts. Here he grew up professionally through all the ranks, from Junior Officer to Master (Captain). Because of that he understands perfectly the importance and the difficulties of everyone’s role on board, and he has the tools to help and guide his crew to become successful at their position. This is the essence of team spirit inspired from a team leader that knows how to organize a competitive yacht at the highest standards.

Captain Alexandros Skaris image
Captain Alexandros Skaris mobile image

Captain Alexandros Skaris

Captain Skaris holds a Captain Class A' Diploma from the Merchant Marine Academy of Aspropyrgos. He also holds certificates in Lifesaving and is a Dive Master. His core skills include a vast knowledge of equipment and drills, First-Aid, Fire-Fighting & Prevention.

Captain Skaris commenced his maritime career in 2002 following his passion for the sea and initially served on cruise ships. However, his love for yachts brought him to the yachting industry just one year later. Since then, he has served on motor yachts both as a Chief Officer and as a Captain. He has achieved outstanding references and an 80% repeat clientele. What excites Captain Skaris most about being the Master of a charter yacht is the ability to create and share unique experiences with his crew and guests.

Captain Michael Deliezas image
Captain Michael Deliezas mobile image

Captain Michael Deliezas

Captain Michael was born and raised in Athens, Greece. He has over 20 years of worldwide experience at sea as a professional Officer. He has extensively cruised the Eastern and Western Mediterranean, as well as the North and South Atlantic Sea. He is now Captaining large Charter yachts in the east Med and manages other charter yachts at the same time. Captain Michael has been the project manager and surveying Captain of multiple yachts built in France. He supervised yacht refit projects from start to finish and has made many yacht deliveries and completed pre-sale surveys based on his vast knowledge and experience. He continuously keeps himself update with all the new Maritime regulations, along with Safety & Security legislations.

Captain Nikolaos Kassidiaris image
Captain Nikolaos Kassidiaris mobile image
Board Member

Captain Nikolaos Kassidiaris

Cpt Nikos Kasidiaris was born in Piraeus, the largest passenger port in Greece. Since childhood he remembers looking and admiring all kinds of vessels and so leaving to explore the World via her oceans didn’t take him too long to plan. The energy of that early dream has powered his entire career. Soon he became a successful Master Mariner on board Luxury Yachts worldwide, giving him a broad knowledge of different destinations, a great respect for safety at sea and the knowledge how to create unforgettable memories and experiences for his guests on board. With his experience he now feels fully prepared to meet everyone’s expectations and he offers a personalised service at the highest levels.

Club Members

Honorable Members

Paris Dragnis image
Paris Dragnis mobile image

Paris Dragnis

Captain Paris Dragnis was born in 1944 in Volos, Greece. After graduating from the National Merchant Marine Academy in 1966, he spent several years at sea, first as an Officer and then as a Master of multipurpose ships. Before establishing Goldenport Shipmanagement Ltd in 1983, Captain Paris was involved in various ship owning activities as a partner for more than 10 years and also founded Renewal Shipping Agency that acted as agent for a number of reputable ship owners and ship operators.

In 2005, he incorporated Goldenport Holdings Inc. that served as the vehicle for the transformation of the privately owned vessel owning companies into a group that went public on the Main Market of the London Stock Exchange in April 2006. In 2007, he co-founded Oceangold Tankers Inc. together with his sons John and Vassilis. Since 2012, Captain Paris has focused his efforts on Golden Yachts Ltd, a luxury custom yachts company that he founded in 1997. Golden Yachts Ltd has constructed more than a dozen yachts ranging from 30 to 95m and has become the leading super yachts management and chartering business in Greece and the Eastern Mediterranean, managing a fleet of more than 30 super yachts.

Crispin Baynes image
Crispin Baynes mobile image

Crispin Baynes

Crispin Baynes is a Senior Sales Broker at BURGESS. He joined the firm in 2007 and has helped clients in the sale, purchase, and new construction of over 1km of superyachts. Crispin’s wife is an architect from Greece, and they have homes in New York and Athens. Crispin was instrumental in the early formation of the HYMC and remains on hand as a trusted advisor, sponsor, and friend of the Club. He is particularly passionate about supporting HYMC’s environmental and philanthropy work.

George Panagopoulos image
George Panagopoulos mobile image

George Panagopoulos

George Panagopoulos is admitted as a barrister and solicitor in Australia, a solicitor of England and Wales and an Attorney in Greece, admitted to the Supreme Court of Greece. He is an experienced lawyer and deals with a wide variety of yachting, shipping and commercial matters. His office, Law Office Panagopoulos, deals. with both English and Greek law and assisted with the establishment of the Hellenic Yacht Masters’ Club in 2022, with which he maintains a close relationship.

George completed a doctorate at the University of Oxford in in the field of Private International Law and is the author of numerous publications.

He is a member of the Yacht Club of Greece and a supporting member of the London Maritime Arbitrators’ Association.

Constantinos Moutzouvis image
Constantinos Moutzouvis mobile image

Constantinos Moutzouvis

Mr. Moutzouvis is a Captain of the Hellenic Coast Guard. He is the Director of the Hellenic Bureau for Marine Casualties Investigation (HBMCI). He has graduated the Merchant Marine Academy in 1994 and has served as a Safety and Duty Officer on Oil Tankers. He joined the Hellenic Coast Guard in 1999.

His professional experience in the Hellenic Coast Guard namely includes positions as Captain on Coast Guard Patrol and Search & Rescue vessels; Duty Safety Officer in the Search & Rescue Operations Center; Project Officer in the Department of International and EU Affairs for Ships΄ Safety and Port State Control; Head Officer of the Marine Accidents΄ Department. He has attended a Master degree course in Transports & International Trade at Aegean University/Department of Shipping Business Administration and the Hellenic Coast Guard course on Port State Control Inspections.

In 2010 he was assigned as the Ministry΄s Rapporteur for drawing up the Marine Casualties’ Investigation Entity in Greece under the EU legal framework (Directive 2009/18/EC) and in 2012 he was positioned as the Head of HBMCI΄s Technical Investigations Department. He has represented HBMCI and the Ministry of Shipping and Insular Policy in the EU Statutory Body (PCF), that deals with all matters related to accidents investigations; in the Marine Accidents Investigators΄ International Forum (MAIIF); in the European Marine Accidents Investigators΄ International Forum (E-MAIIF). He has participated, as national correspondent in several EU Member States΄ technical working groups and in the Group of Experts on “Fire on ROPAX”, established by EMSA in 2014.

From 2016 to 2018, Mr. Moutzouvis was positioned as the Maritime Affairs Attaché of the Ministry of Shipping and Insular Policy, in Shanghai China and in 2018 he was repositioned in HBMCI as Director.

Mr. Ioannis Alexopoulos image
Mr. Ioannis Alexopoulos mobile image

Mr. Ioannis Alexopoulos

Mr. Ioannis Alexopoulos is an exceptional leader and manager with a proven track record in the marina industry and a deep passion for the sea. He is the proud Manager of Astir Marina in Vouliagmeni, the most prestigious marina in Greece. Mr. Alexopoulos holds a Degree in Physics from the University of Crete, an (MSc) Master in Science in Risk Management from London City University CASS Business School, a Certificate in Finance, and a Certificate in Shipping Business from Lloyd’s Maritime Academy. After completing the Advanced Marina Management School Certificate from British Marine, he is also a Certified Marina Manager worldwide (CMM402). He began his career as an Internal Auditor in 2005, then as a head Internal Auditor in 2007. In 2009 he was appointed Manager of Alimos Marina, a very busy marina in Greece. In 2011 he became the Manager of Vouliagmeni Marina, later named Astir Marina.  Mr. Alexopoulos is an Elected Member of the Board of the Greek Marinas Association (GMA) since 2017, and has served as both the General Secretary and Vice-President of the Board. He has considerable marina management expertise, enabling him to create a warm and inviting environment for boat captains when they come to the marina. With his knowledge, he can ensure Captains feel safe and at ease while staying at the marina.